Straighten yourself out


Chanting Ong in Virasana

Sit in Virasana (commonly known as hero pose), sit on the left heel with the right knee bent and place the right foot in line with the left knee.  The left heel presses on the perineum between the sitting bones – in front of the anus and behind the sex organ.  This places pressure on the Muladhara (first or root) chakra.  Lift the chest and keep the spine straight, chin in and chest out.

Find your balance and a balanced state of consciousness.  Breath normally. 1 minute.

Then interlock the fingers with the palms facing outward and stretch the arms out in front of you with your elbows straight.  Lift the arms over the head and pull them backwards as much as you can and hold them there.  The palms of the hand will now face upward.

This puts pressure on certain points along the spinal vertebrae which need to be straightened out.

Inhale deeply and begin chanting a long, deep ONG(Om) . Continue chanting.  Begin with just 20-30 seconds of chanting and then relax.

Slowly and gradually increase the amount of time that you can correctly hold the position whilst correctly chanting the mantra.  This is a challenging Kriya and the emphasis is on the quality of the practice rather than the quantity of time practiced.

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