1/4 Moon December 2021


First quarter Moon in Aquarius

Saturday 11th December 2021 at 1:37am

This Mornings quarter Moon bathes our psychological receptivity in the humanitarian qualities of Aquarius. To a balanced, aligned and open psyche the Air of Aquarius can give access to progressive ideas that could help to bring social change; as unconventional or even eccentric as these ideas maybe, they are grounded by the position of Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, currently in Capricorn and holding the concept of Legacy. Nurture these ideas and give them the time that they need to grow into fruition. With the Sun and Mercury both in Ophiuchus, the sign of the Serpent or the healed healer and as the Moon approaches its conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, we may just start to begin to capture the magnitude of the change of perception that is required within ourselves if we are to see a global shift. And the necessity of vigilance within our own psyche. More than ever at this time, remind yourself hourly of the greater human purpose!

I am the light of the World

Understanding that this healing can only arrive when we begin to see the neutralness of our physicality. Every part of our humanbeingness would be just fine if we could simply access, on permanence, this limitless field of transcendence, but takes time to an untrained mind. The many squares into days chart show that its a time to go deep within our minds and let go of all conditioning, ask for truth to enter and it will. Vision gives the world a different glow, people and objects begin to shine, its this light of consciousness we must seek to Remember that lies in us all.

Abstract your minds from as much judgement of dictating or rebellious behaviours, extreme and antisocial impracticalities and any extremes.. Be vigilant and feel how we can choose to bring in the light and as we do, it magnifies.

Om shanti


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