1/4 Moon – November 2021


First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Thursday 11th November 2021 at 12.48 pm


With the Moon and Jupiter square to the Sun, its the qualities of Capricorn that are high lighted in the heavens today.  Responsible, committed, hard-working, mature, determined, dedicated and persistent are the earthy attributes accessible when resonating through a balanced psyche .  Frequency Under-emphasised, harshness, rigidity, and inhibition, lead to a cold, detached society obsessed with success.  Over emphasis equally leads to such misbalance as impatience, faintheartedness and negligence and an immature and irresponsible mind set.

Saturn, as the ruling planet of Capricorn, is very much at home highlighting the necessity of responsibility and its current square to Uranus links it into todays strongest aspect, that of Mars and Mercury conjunct in opposition to Uranus..  With both our will power and curiosity still transiting Virgo, we can use the presence of Uranus embed with the fire of Aries to allow the changes necessary to boost desire to evolve …

Neptune trine to Sun and Venus trine to Uranus reminds us that…

Peace of mind comes piece by peice

With the continued influence of Uranus, these are collective changes …May we offer each other

Peace of Heart

Over the years our hearts have known  love, grief, and more love.  In true splendour we have learned to feel joy, even though suffering pain and have found happiness despite failure.   Full of wisdom, our hearts’ know that life is both dark and light, and they have chosen to love the Divine and participate in life. At times we may wonder if our heart has given too much as our hearts can feel broken or closed: But know that it is filled with love, power and grace. Our Hearts are capable of regeneration, transforming and becoming stronger.  The solution is not to doubt this ability to heal.  Transmutation is the power to turn hardship into joy and to comfort others, bringing the world some consolation. The key lies in letting your Heart guide you to the divine destiny that awaits you, full of beauty and love.

The alchemy divine is something very real, its the ability of applying our spiritual consciousness, in alignment with our physical form, until something entirely new emerges.  These changes are irreversible, radical and permanent .   Such changes can seem miraculous but just like..

Carbon becomes diamond

we need patience, courage determination.  Using the power our our hearts we can literally change the ambiance in a room so just allow your mind to envisage the magnitude of change as more and more of us straighten up  and embrace our true power.

Om Shanti


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