Full Moon – November 2021


Full Moon in Taurus

Friday November 19th at 8.59 am


This mornings Full Moon, shining gloriously in the sky as I start to write, brings the earthy qualities of Taurus into our consciousness, reflecting the light of the Sun from Libra.  Over the previous months I have posted exercises to help balance our psyche, if you have been practicing you will without doubt have changed your whole perspective on the reasons for our human presence on earth, the actual purpose of this world and quite possibly the the ways in which you interact with it.  If you would like to start to balance your  psyche try this..

When balanced we open to higher truths and our minds begin to accept that we do not really see the world at all, constantly projecting our passed experiences into the present, collectively keeping the future trapped in an endless stream of events that leads to a sensation of separation.  We have learned to place our faith in everything but our inner light, the love of source (God).  Humanity has learned to place its faith in pills, potions (vaccines) money, clothing, prestige, in being « liked », knowing the right people and an endless list of things that we believe have magic powers and can keep us safe.  We place glasses over our eyes to help us « see » and ignore the light that is our source.

The air of Libra and the art of conscientious action in relationships allows us to be harmonious, cooperative and fair, where as the earth of Taurus and the cultivation of self-reliance gives support, resources gratitude and affluence.  Together they represent a perfect equilibrium between heaven and earth.  Both these constellations are ruled by Venus, currently trine to the strong influences of Uranus at this time, and highlighting the value of exploration and the expansion of consciousness by connecting to who and what we value.

Our material and interpersonal enjoyment are not denied by a spiritual approach to life, they grow and multiply as we attract into our lives all that can help us on our divine mission.  So on this wonderful morning I offer you joy, love, peace and security in the knowledge that a happy outcome is inevitable for all.  With Pluto trine to todays Full Moon there is the possibility to see our fears for what they really are, illusions and judgement. So  as well as continuing our exercises to bring space  and alignment , may  I suggest that you practice this…. lesson 48 of a Course in Miracles…

There is nothing to fear

Repeat it often, repeat it with your eyes open or your eyes closed, but continue to repeat it until you feel a deep sense of security in these words.

I am the light of the world

and its only by accepting inner truth that outer manifestation can change…

Om shanti 


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