Chanting Ong


Chanting Ong 


OM means the creative force of God, of source, of this universe, but it can not be pronounced.  OM can not be chanted it is written, it is a symbol. Om can not be heard, it can not be sung, but you can create it.

Ong is the correct pronunciation of the word Om. The sound of Om has to be mastered as Ong. After mastering Ong, when you chant “Ong” Namo Guru Dev Namo, the entire universe will open up to you. 

Ong is the creative sound of the word Om.  It is created in the nasal conchae behind the nostrils, not with the mouth, not within the mouth, it is created with the conch of the human brain.  It is the sound which is the combination of the breath, the hollow of the mouth and the nose.  When the five airs or pranas meet you can create this sound. 

We have been provided with a conch between the nostrils and the throat in that area that includes the upper palate, the nasal cavity, spheroid sinus and the pituitary gland. The eustachian tube, which leads to the ears, is also in this area.

It is in that conch that we chant, it is under your control.  It is not a sound you make with your mouth, it is a sound that you make with your nose.

We do not ordinarily focus on this conch, but it will start to work; by vibrating the back of the tongue it will vibrate the pituitary gland.  As the pituitary gland vibrates the pineal has to come and help, it is one of the bodies feed back mechanisms.  When these two glands start playing this game we enter into an altered state of consciousness.

Ong is the sacred sound of the symbol Om – it is the sound of infinity in you, in us all.  In combining the conch which lies at the deepest part of our nostrils and the fire of breath coming down through the nose, we are elevated and refreshed.

Thus tuning our minds into infinity becomes clear and conscious.  We ought to be taught this sound from day one of our lives on earth because every day that we have lived without this knowledge has to be cleansed from our psyche..

However with power comes responsibility and we are wise to master Saa-Taa-Naa-Maa first as if Ong is chanted with ego you may just go into infinity and never come back..

But if you pronounce it correctly you will have energy and you will have stability, you will harness the entire energy of the soul and the entire electro-magnetic field of the universe becomes yours.

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