New Moon – November 2021


New Moon on the Virgo/ Libra cusp

Thursday 4th November 2021 at 9:15 pm


Tonights New Moon rises on the cuspid of Virgo and Balance.  With the receptive and motivating aspects of our life force united and bathed in rays of light of both the quality of Earth and Air, there is the feeling of, possibility, potentiality and permission.  With the Earthy pragmatic energy of Virgo,  we are encouraged to gain insight into how we can continue to develop our skills and aptitudes, which subsequently not only helps us to evolve as an individual, but also betters our environment and others.  With the Rays of Libra there is the gift of mutuality and balance guiding us, the air of Libra brings a clearer perspectif and thus allows us to act from a place of reciprocity and harmony as we chose to connect to who and what we value, which brings interpersonal enjoyment to those whose we attract into our field of consciousness.

Fair, just and agreeable; growing, assisting, helping;  courage, hope and vitality insufflate our aspirations and dreams with a permit of realisation when Earth and air combine.  With the Moon square to Pluto we may not be able to necessarily grasp the extent to just how much we are limited by our individual beliefs, but an opposition to Uranus brings the potentiality of great change.  Uranus in Aries bring a fire of liberation, inspiration and sudden change.  Its continued square to Saturn reminding us of the discipline, dedication and determination required.

In Sanskrit the feeling of lightness with in our being is known as ańgalaghavam and the ability to withstand change dvańdvānabhighātah and together the quality of these two attributes are an indication  that our Yôga practice is helping us to reach the objective of Union.  DAKSHINACHARATANTRIKA-NIRÍSHWARA-SÁMKHYA YÔGA being pre classical, pre Patanjali brings a feminine and all encompassing dynamic to our understanding of how to arrive at this union.  

If you are practicing any of the following exercises you will be balancing your inner and outer awareness of events , balancing the dynamic and reflective parts of your psyche  and undertaking the journey back to wholeness .  This greatly influences our understanding of the laws of attraction and thus the necessity of discernement in our choices.  Reminding ourselves that abundance does not meaning having it all now, abundance is the arrival of what is necessary at the right time… abundance requires faith…

The more we know the less we need

Even if it is not quite clear, the universe revolves, evolves and unfolds , with the planets sacred or non, perpetually dancing within and around one another, creating an interaction of rays to help us, sooner or later, to see the Unity within it all.  As this Lunar cycle starts with a trine to Neptune there is access to an awareness of the deeper spiritual significance behind our earthly presence .   So when we understand what makes our hearts sing, we too can dance to her rhythm .

Om Shanti


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