Full Moon – October 2021


Full Moon in Pisces

Wednesday 20th October 2021 at 3.57 pm 

This Autumnal full moon draws our psychological receptivity to seeking and finding peace through connecting with life’s tides.  Only when we are completely able to release to the unknown and truly accept the vastness of the unconditional can we be fully present, intuitive, tranquil, trusting, compassionate and connected.  These Piscean attributes bring the understanding of Presence.  However, with the Sun and Moon and Mars all square to Pluto  situations, events or simply our own thoughts are likely to trigger our fears and reveal any deep emotional attachments ready to be released to consciousness.   This clearing and removal of limiting beliefs is aided by the continued development of our skills and abilities  and striving to purify our psyche.

There may well be times that our compassionate awareness finds us helping others and trying to fulfil their needs, but at the expense of our own well-being and inner peace.. This full Moon is a time to reform our own energy, our own boundaries: to find our own place and to anchor our feet firmly in that one spot and not move.  Letting ourselves enjoy the quiet certainty of Silence and being able to hold our position with Will, Courage and Awareness.

Many different and unique souls have not been understood, recognised or valued for what they were as children. Instead, they were encouraged to conform, to change, and to be different from who they really were in order to be accepted.  This can be a difficult pattern to break.  But when we take the time to love and respect ourselves,  the inner wisdom of our beauty is revealed and we are able to distill our essence, becoming ever more true.. SAT NAM

As we learn to trust our own instincts and to follow our own path in life we understand the worthlessness of making comparisons, and begin to know how judgments simply lead to distraction.  The Earth needs every light and its unique radiant beauty.

So stand your ground now, and don’t let anyone else intimidate, confront or doubt you.  Faced with jealousy or fear « stand your ground » simply implies that you accept your self-worth, your right to exist and flourish, and that you accept the love that created you as you are, so that you can fulfil your divine destiny.

You do not need to sink into fear or dowry to alleviate old guilt or make others feel more comfortable.  Being strong is not a sign of selfishness or harshness.  We can hold ourselves in high esteem when we can be forgiving and kind to others, while at the same time categorically rejecting any behaviour, belief or attitude that could jeopardise or dismantle it.

As part of our spiritual formation, our soul will learn to be open and  to receive channelled guidance and healing.  This enables one to begin to act as a healer, channel and lightworker.  Sensitive, Receptive, Open.  But it’s time  to balance this by also being resilient, strong and even a little divinely stubborn!  Refusing to give up who we are while remaining open to guidance is the balance one must find in order to become a divinely unique individual in a world that often fears true individuality – simply because it cannot be easily controlled.  Holding your position does not mean that you no longer have to surrender .  Rather, you consciously grow to surrender to divine love and grow from it.

You are here to shine a light, to be a beacon for others.  This beacon does not ask permission to shine.  It stands and shines faithfully, and those who need it are guided by its light until they are safe.  Do not lose faith in yourself, beloved soul.  You know who you are. Be strong. Respect your inner beauty and your personal boundaries.  You must feel safe to say no as much as you must know that you will say yes when your heart prompts you.  Be true to yourself.

Om Shanti


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