Oh I
I want to live in Silence..
‘Cos I
Don’t have the words to convey.
The peace,
That I found in Silence.
Oh I
I’d like to stay this way….

Oh I,
found a peace in Silence,
so deep,
It brought me to my knees
and there
in the depths of Silence
well there
there is no one to please.

So i’ll
reach out for Silence
To where
there are no words to be sung
As words
tend get us in trouble
In silence
We both are one.

o’ I
found a peace in silence
and there
all my strength regained
I bathed
in the essence of silence
and found
myself renamed.

So I’ll
fill my eyes with silence
And then
I’ll look deep into yours
And when
we stand together
in silence
Well then
the world is ours.

So I’ll
fill my heart with silence
and listen
to the master plan
And then
when i open my mouth
perhaps you’ll understand.

That we
Dance together in silence
To bring
heaven here on Earth
so free
in the essence of silence
lets Dance into rebirth…

Let’s fill
our minds with silence
to show
The grace from deep within
that place
of total silence
where you start
and i begin..

By Gail Cooney

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