3/4 Moon – October 2021


Three quarter Moon in Cancer

Thursday 28th October at 8.06 pm



The finale phase of this lunar cycle has the Moon at home in native Cancer.  Thus channeling our psychological receptivity towards caring and nurturing for others with regards to the long term value of our efforts, will greatly assit in over coming the many other squares and oppositions set in todays chart. With the Moon and Saturn in opposition and both square to the Sun and Uranus in opposition, the desire to break free, to change, to let go or even give up, can be over come by seeing the inner value of the simplest of gestures; a smile or a hug, that extra touch to serving food, driving with consideration, down to actively lending a hand, Saturn fills us with the discipline and patience to take responsibility with mature perseverance to create a legacy here on Earth.

I therefore encourage you to continue and master the kriya and learn to understand the power of sound.

Mercury trine Jupiter boosts our dedication and the qualities of perseverance, unwavering focus and intensity of feeling.  A gift of strength, the will to move mountains for what we love.  Even though we may not seem to have much power in this world now, the power of our convictions can overcome obstacles.  Dedication serves the development of our soul and will help to increase our faith in values and principles and boost our confidence in the power of our convictions.  Being able to recognise and appreciate the extraordinary strength that is within us, and realise that we have enough willpower to continue to work towards our dreams and overcome any obstacle until we succeed by divine grace.

Remembering the power of love

which can conquer anything!

Love is a motivating and empowering force, so much more so than fear,  Love is the foundation of all authentic spiritual dedication.  Dedication to the Divine gives us the power to bear burdens, overcome obstacles and realise all kinds of beautiful visions in a world that sometimes assures us, at first, that our dream is not possible. Gratifying  ourselves with spiritual stubbornness and sacred rebellion against all obstacles is a great way to deal with the heavy influences of Uranus.

There is a fine line between chaos and creation ..

Paul McCartney

The difficulty is to become so entrenched in our belief that we sound fanatical and appear to judge others because their beliefs are different from ours.  This is a major problem between many religions today, if we could only embrace the simplest thought that…

All paths, eventually,  lead to the mountains top.

We must be able to master the art of being unwavering in our own belief system while respecting the fact, that there are as many paths to union with the divine as there are individuals on earth – that there are infinite ways in which the universe is calling us to be in love with our home.

The best way to enjoy the blessing, while minimising the difficulty involved with dedication, is to share your truth with an open heart and mind thus avoid the risk of diverting people from their own path, which may create unnecessary difficulty for them and unnecessary karma for you. 

As the power of the mind and emotions  becomes clear , channeling our emotional and mental power into worthwhile projects just seems natural, but remember to balance this intensity with a lightness of heart and gladness, so as not to become hardened or desperate if things don’t seem to be going as you think they should.

Faith reminds us that love always finds a way

With the Moon trine to Chiron we are gifted with a power of incredible intensity and this healing energy has an ability to create real effects in the physical world simply from our mental and emotional awareness.  Remember, you are here to shine your light.  Others may choose to use your light to enlighten themselves until they are ready to discover their own inner light – or not.  This is not something you need to worry about.  Just live your truth, trust your heart’s convictions and devote yourself to love.

Om shanti



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