New Moon – October 2021


New Moon in Virgo

Wednesday 6th October 2021 at 12:05pm


A New Moon in Virgo brings the awareness of our life force and our psychological receptivity to the importance of developing our individual skills and abilities if we are going to be able to help others and consequently improve our environment. The practical earth energy of the maiden, which brings assistance and organisation, is further enhanced by the New Moons’ conjunction with Mars. Thus this months new beginning has an underlying sense of self preservation, giving us the necessary motivation and intent to remove the barriers which have previously held us back or deviated our awareness from acknowledging our individual responsibility.  This planetary alignment is incredibly advantageous in overcoming the sensation of restriction which Uranus square to Saturn has imposed on the collective consciousness.

As the planetary ruler of Virgo (Mercury) sits alongside this heavenly union, the New Moons’ opposition to Chiron in Pisces in the 6th house (which embodies these Virgo traits) entails focusing our minds on matters relating to inner peace and connectedness; thus the development our intuition and psychic abilities is of paramount importance if we are to feel healed and whole.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

A New Moon trine to Saturn facilitates the desire to assume ૐ the responsibility for all our actions and Mercury trine to Jupiter opens our minds and brings a sense of optimism, just like the rainbows which grace the skies here in Brittany. 23AB9D9B-53DC-4F36-ADBD-048725A78E7B Square to Pluto, station direct, it is time  and well worth the effort to take a good look at our limiting beliefs and fears and embark on a new cycle of deep change.. it  really is a lunar cycle of new beginnings . Open the door and step through into a new way of being. Our natural psychological receptivity to this new cycle enables us to understand and experience first hand, that when we give lovingly and openly we consequently receive back ten fold what we give out, and that truly

 A friend in need is a friend indeed

And as Annie Lennox sung –

I believe in the good vibration, I believe in the power of creation…. money can not buy it, drugs can not buy it, sex can not but it…. only love can do these things to you….

So I propose a new kriya   for the next 40 days, although it may be wise to simply add these new exercises to the routine that we have already put in place and continue balancing the psyche .  May I encourage any new readers to contact me if you would like a private lesson and fully benefit from these exercises.  You will also benefit from a personal page with all the exercises in one place and videos to remind and motivate your practice.

Finally a little reminder that this Sunday there will be a practice from 9-12 here in my studio, I am as yet to fathom out how to include virtual participation.  But am sure to put my mind to it!  This practice will be based on venus kriya and the art of white tantra, using one another as mirror to eliminate our deep seated fears. Donations based on your current financial situation will be openly received.

Om Shanti


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