3/4 Moon – April


3/4 Moon in Sagittarius

Sunday 4th April 2021 at 11:04 am


The Moon in Sagittarius reflects the light of the Sun continuing its transit of Pisces.  The principle elements of Fire and water together will « allow life to flow with a loving force »,  or more precisely will help us to become conscious of the fact that life always flows with a loving force and its exactly the depth of our conscious awareness of this love that lifts our lives to new heights…

Fire and water create vapour, which we can use to propel us onwards and upwards.  The Fire of sagittarius is adventurous, kindling our desire to explore life and our purpose through the expansion of the mind, body and spirit.  Very helpful with regard to the last few days of our Kriya to purify the psyche –  February Full Moon Kriya .  The Moon however is square to the Sun and Venus.  Symbolising that some action might need to be undertaken if we are to harness this elemental vaporous  force.  

Remembering that….

every moment is a moment for transformation



The last few days of a forty day Kriya can be highly transformative.  If you remember,  this Kriya deeply cleanses the lymphatic system, where many of our self limiting beliefs stagnate as toxics..  This Kriya, by the continuous breathing through a single nostril gives great awareness of the dual nature of our psyche and gradually brings it into unity.  With Mars also square to Neptune in Pisces, there might start to be resistance to this deep change such as the negation of new thoughts and a resistance to follow intuitions.  As human beings we are encouraged to define ourselves, our likes, dislikes, points of view.. and we are not so quick to let up our self defining beliefs and our co-dependent relationships to have them replaced by spiritual oneness and natural interdependence ..  As Venus and the Sun will be transiting Pisces for a while yet and Neptune is there for decades, the spiritual insights into the depth of our relationship to self and  to each other is of great relevance.  Ek Kriya is an invitation to harness this spiritual awareness and by use of the breath integrate this awareness as pure energy into the Praanic body.


Have a lovely Easter weekend break… Remember the symbolism behind religions, the united truths and seek the universality of Love.. which will be all you see, when awoken to the spiritual oneness of us all.


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