Ek Kriya


Balancing the Praanic body with the Arc body


Sit comfortably in Sukhasana (easy pose) with the spine straight.  Bring the lefthand, palm facing downwards, in front of the Heart Centre, the forearm  is parallel to the floor.  Bend the first three fingers of the left hand 90 degrees; the fingers tips are pointing down and the middle and distal joints are held straight. EC009716-1717-410A-9BBE-1E99342B9EC7_1_201_aThe Mercury (little) finger and the thumb remain parallel to the ground and stretched outwards.

Raise the right arm, keeping the right elbow bent at 90 degrees, so that the upper arm is parallel to the ground and the forearm is perpendicular to it.  Bend the right wrist 90 degrees so that the palm faces down 09D6A34D-E2FB-4745-9388-0CC8CF096217_1_201_aand the fingers point forward.  Join the first three fingers, pulling the Mercury finger and thumb away from them as much as is possible.  Hold the posture and the fingers tight.  The strength of the fingers will let you know that the brain is « feeling » the feeling and the sensitivity.

Close the eyes and concentrate on the third eye point, Ajna Chakra.  Time : 11 Minutres

Breathe long, slow and deep.  Control the breath for best results. Balance yourself with the breath; it is the only voluntary power that you have over your praanic body.

To finish: Inhale deeply, immediately exhale completely, hold the breath out 20 seconds. Repeat Twice.

The fingers act as antennae whilst holding the Mudra.  Hold the hand strongly, let the energy flow.  Simply Meditate on the breath.  Keep practising until you can hold the hands easily, comfortably… feel the power of the praanic body integrated with the Arc body.

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