February Quarter Moon 2021


1/4 Moon in Taurus

Friday 19th February 2021 at 7.49 pm GMT



waxing Moon – Regenerate, absorb and restore

The Earth element remains the dominating energy to be worked with…

..as the Lunar month gradually builds momentum.  Starting with a Moon in Capricorne and a focus on how we use our time to create a long term material legacy, we now have a Moon in Taurus, square to its ruler Venus, in capricorne.  This earth energy asks of us to question… How can we cultivate our self-reliance through working with the natural world?
 Venus encourages us to connect with who and what we value, to consider our material and interpersonal enjoyment..  With Mercury still retrograde in Capricorne, Mars in Aries square to Venus.. and Mars forming a trine to Pluto in Sagittarius … it is time for us to direct the fire of our self determined will in more open-minded way ..
With the Sun now in Aquarius  these thoughts may seem progressive, unconventional or incite an urge to induce social change..
With Uranus still square to Jupiter, mercury and Saturn in Capricorne the Earth element remains the dominating energy to be worked with ;
If this element is over-emphasised there is a tendency towards materialism, possessiveness, self-indulgence, stubbornness, greed or lassitude,..
When this element is under-emphasised there is a tendency towards asceticism, abstinence, austerity, anti-materialism and wastefulness.
Be aware; remember that the path of Yoga is to crucify the cosmos… It is a path of knowledge which will lead to a greater sense of responsibility.  As the planets start to spread there are many helpful sextiles to booster our self-will and help us integrate these energies and allow ourselves to be in harmony with all of life.


So how on Earth do we encourage interaction to take place?

First of all, we must know that it will take place with or without our conscious action. 

The difference is only that conscious action will allow the journey to be more enjoyable.  

We will feel more in control of our destinies.

The prism of Lyra – Lyssa Royal

Enjoy last two days of our Kriya… 


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