Mastering the Christ Mudra Kriya


…… may take another 40, 80, 120 or plus days.

“And while all other creatures from their birth walk with downcast eyes on their kindred earth;

He bids man walk erect, and scan the heaven…. From whence his soul has sprung and to which his hopes are given » 



Whether you finished the first 40 day Kriya of this year on Sunday, today or there remain a few days to come, practicing a Kriya for 40 days can be an extremely fortifying experience and requires the qualities of the earth element which have dominated the heavens so far this year; that of self-reliance, self-worth and self-improvement through self-disciplined determination.  The Christ Mudra ૐ makes us work the Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers to create an electromagnetic field which is most beneficial when directing the breath from the third eye to energise heart and thus liberating our throat and our means of communication.

With the Sun and Venus in Aquarius, the Moon in Gemini and its ruler Mercury no longer retrograde, there is a natural equilibre between the earth and the air elements.  When we are balanced our visions are more readily anchored into reality and it is easier to realise our hopes and dreams.. Mars in Taurus, now directs our self-will to use the support of the natural world with an attitude of gratitude and faith in abundance.  Mars trine to Pluto and a Moon in Gemini trine to Neptune and in opposition to Pluto generates the sense of security required to accept deep change by allowing us to release deep emotional attachments.  

Integration or the coming home to ourselves… 




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