The last quarter Moon


Waning Moon


The last quarter Moon rose around 5am two days ago on the 14th of April and  began its encounters with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.. magnificent to see them all lined up in the predawn sky and still visible for a few days to come, before the solar glow of the rising Sun will obscure their Presence .   I had thought to post a series of pictures of the Moon, the rays of light beginning emanated are stupendous and she pulsates to a rhythm in response to our most ancient prayer .

  But, just the one, as my camera just does not do her justice


I am currently studying the art of Sidereal Astrology , for those of you that practice biodynamic gardening it will make sense…. It is a method of reading the energy of the planets in transit and the aspects that they create and adapting our lives accordingly.. This last quarter, up until the new Moon is simply a time of rest. In the garden it is a barren phase for sewing and planting and a time to nurture appreciation; to mow the lawn, to weed and prune, to generally sit back and gather our energy for the next period of activity.

When I looked to find a calendar in French I was surprised to see that there was no rest period indicated?? Is this another sign of our culturalisation..

Within the cosmic dance, Mars signifies self determined action, affecting our ambitions and motivation.  Jupiter represents our vision and how we orchestrate our lives and Saturn symbolises time or structuring our lives and doing the hard work necessary to build a legacy.

With Mars sitting in the constellation of Capricorn and Venus at home in Taurus, the Earth element of the Full Moon remains the predominant energy.   These two planets continue to create a trine which brings Harmony to the essence of our being.  Of course we are always free to resist but allowing ourselves to slow down and savour the present moment will bring joy as we go about our daily routines, allowing us to live in tune with our Planet Earth.

On the 24th of March I proposed that we started a Kriya and  A Kriya is a set of exercises or a meditation to obtain a certain objective, that are carried out daily for 40 days.. I have practiced with my four children now for 24 days… It has been amazing to see the changes, some days it’s harder to practice than others.. but like the influence of Saturn with patience and perseverance all is indeed possible.

For those of you that started with us I offer a smile of encouragement, we are past the half way mark and for anyone else, I encourage you to give it a go.  Yes!! It is a little tough to hold some of the positions, but if you build up slowly you might just expand the view of yourself and what is indeed possible.

Tonight we meet for a on line Yoga session  .. It will be a peaceful and meditative experience, honouring this time of rest and anchoring us to the Earth in Harmony, Health and Happiness.

Om shanti

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