Spring is in the Air


Be Brave – Act


Dare to be different


because it is in creation that we exist.


for anything is possible.

Just go ahead and trust yourself

because it’s only

when we trust yourselves

that we can be honest with each other


One thing is sure,  this Equinox is certainly like no other.  As we traditionally gather in song to celebrate life, and share our dreams.  We find ourselves in a global situation where isolation has been requested.  Many souls are finding it difficult to breath and their  Life force is suffering.   One of the greatest remedies is whistling, it is not only relaxing it is energizing.  The Ardas Bhaee instrumental has been made with that in mind. It’s not necessary to sing the words.  Whistling it, changes the rhythmic psyche of the human. The permutation, combination of rhythm and breath will literally force the lungs to throw out all the toxins and be cleaned. Give it a go and see how you feel.

Happy equinox… I will be at corn ar gazel beach tomorrow at sunrise doing exactly that..


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