Kindness Kriya – Day 37




As the Moon moves further into Capricorn, its square to the Sun eases and a harmonious trine is formed with Mars. It is an act of Kindness to self to remember that for our psychological, mental and spiritual development, we need appropriate foods, if not, we suffer from deficiencies, dissatisfaction and fatigue.

However, the perfect integration of the mind, emotional nature and physical brain, composing a balanced personality, does not necessarily imply an effective spiritual life and quite the reverse can often be the case.  A well co-ordinated personality may well be extremely ambitious , selfish, sadistically inclined and even dedicated to « evil ».

The spiritual qualities exhibited will solely depend on the extent to which the soul  is influencing the personality. As the Soul takes command the personality acts as a channel through which the Soul can contact the dense physical plane of material existence.  When the soul and the persona act as a unit the Monad or representation of spirit takes full control.  The outer appearance is retained, but hence forth we become a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

He annulled the Law with its rules and regulations, so as to create out of the two a single new humanity in himself, thereby making peace.

St. Paul (Eph. 2:15/16)


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