Mudra of Development


Mudra Annapurna

The Goddess of nourishment

This Mudra strengthens and nourishes the heart. It helps you accept your internal magnitude.  Everything that « enthuses » and « animates »IMG_5679 us is food for the mind and the psyche. It is a question of asking internally, if « this or that » is really what we need.
You will find that a few minutes of inner retreat is already enough to rebuild and satisfy your needs.
Imagine a place that gives you strength through its beauty and harmony and go there in your mind. What nourishes and supports you (people, occupations, music, colours, sports activities, nature, travel, spiritual activities, etc.)?  Live and do inside of you what is good for you.

After you might just well be amazed at the changes in your external reality.

Happiness resides in me



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