Nothing to Fear



Karma is essentially the programme of our Soul for this physical incarnation, based on our previous incarnations.  It follows the rules of cause and effect.  It is not a punishment.  But I would like to share that we are not only influenced by personal Karma, but also that of our family, groups, and country of residence, there is even world and cosmic Karma.

Positive Karma can be seen in our talents and competences and when life just seems to flow.  However, we are here to learn and whether we like it or not the stronger our Soul more intense experiences are required to master a particular life lesson.  Unconditional love is easy when we are surrounded by like minded loving individuals.  It is when we are faced with rejection, abandonment, violence and « evil » that we master unconditional love.  When we are forced to overcome such obstacles it is a sure sign that we are on an advanced spiritual path.

Let us consider that every form of creation is a manifestation of God (source).  Man however is limited and often obtains a distorted image.  Without this distortion there is the recognition of perfection,  the reflection of the divine or of God in every creation.  There would remain nothing further to experience, to learn or to strive for as we would become merged with God – in that perfection.  Although this may be the ultimate objective of humanity we still have a long way to go and a great deal to experience because our limited and astrally distorted perception.

It is this distortion of reality or truth that has led to the concept or « evil ».  In english this is a wonderful play of words, as « evil » is simply « live » back to front.  For man to recognise life and all that is good or (God) there needs to be a contrast.  It is thus up to each of us to be vigilant of astral forces that create illusion and aggravate the selfish and separating motives of the individual personality.  By finding the intelligence of kindness and loving understanding each act, however small, adds to the collective good will and humanity can and Will over come hate and fear.



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