Defining the Soul


What is Soul?

The soul is neither spirit or matter, but a consciousness that relates the two, serving as a link between Sprit and the material instrument through which it functions.  In man we equate this to the Christ- Principle. The Soul represents the principles of sentiency and intelligence in man.  Demonstrating itself as mind and mental awareness and giving rise to the powers to discriminate, analyse, distinguish and decide. It is thus responsible for the quality and characteristics of life and represents the latent powers of expression in every human being.

The Souls contribution is self-consciousness. It is the means by which physical form registers conscious awareness of its environment.  The extent to which the consciousness is expanding is thus an indication of the integration of the Soul within its instrument of expression.

When a particular life has fulfilled its purpose the Soul withdraws.  The physical body dies and disintegrates and the soul returns to egoic planes of consciousness.  The Soul is the link between successive incarnations and provides the continuity required for the expansion of  consciousness.  Through our earthly experiences the Soul extracts and assimilates the essence for the unfoldment and evolution of consciousness.

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