Kindness Kriya – Day 8



Rest, Relaxation and Recovery

Today the Moon continues to highlight the qualities of Sagittarius, giving the day a light hearted and expansive feel. Infact there are quite a few celestial bodies imbued with the qualities of this constellation, Saturn, the South node and pluto.  Astrologically the heavens are lining up to help us release our fears, using the dreamy watery energy of Neptune and the lens of the Sun in Pisces to see far more clearly into ourselves and our ideals and how to manifest them.

After a three week long retrograde, Mercury now sits paused in the sky, ready to move forward.  Hence, shifts in our perspective, ideas, and mental state can enlightening, anything that has been on the back-burner or reconsidered over the past few weeks will now begin to slowly move forward.

But today is a nice day to  pause. An expansive belief systems and optimistic view of life will help us with the manifestation of our life ….

All problems are illusions of the Mind

Eckhart Tolle

So whilst I pause too – I’ll share these exercises to help you on your way…

– Stop
– Making the subconscious conscious
– Falling Backwards

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