Exercise – Making the subconscious conscious


Bringing the subconscious into the conscious Mind

Lie or sit comfortably.  Take the time to relax into your body, let the eyes sink into their orbits, then take your awareness to the back of your head, to the part we call the occiput at the base of the skull, and simply pay attention to what’s going on behind you.  This can be seen as an instruction both physically and metaphorically.

As you inhale push the back of you head into the floor, exhaling relax… we need to draw our awareness to a point that has invariably been ignored for a long time.

With your awareness at the back of your head you simply observe. Sensations will start to arise, let them.. we are shining the spotlight of the mind on the subconscious, this can be our own individual « memories », shared experiences or part of the collective.

Let all thoughts pass by, if they are strong memories of your personal story then……

LISTEN, and then simply affirm that you replace this thought with peace.

Here at the back of the head lies the reptilian brain and when engaged it is connected to one of two responses… Fight or flight.. Both of these responses are triggered by hormones and prepare the body for physical action.  As we are blessed with other parts to our brain, we can consciously decide to behave more « appropriately » to any given situation, but this energy has to go somewhere and invariably it ends up entrapped.  Over time  muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, some part of our human body, will fall into entropy.

There is great kindness in Mastering the art of the exercise.  Quite quickly the part of the skull that touches the flesh and the floor (or more kindly a cushion) will start to « melt », in the beginning you are simply observing.  As you settle into the exercise become aware of other bodily sensations, let them arise. Maybe you can feel tension, vibration, even trembling. Trembling is a good sign it’s the bodies natural expression to release trauma, David Berceli describes this any many more exercises in his book – The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process.

In Yogic walking meditation and Taoist Martial Arts Instruction, one is encouraged to walk around with that point open, like a rear view mirror that we can both see and hear through and hence develop an awareness of whats going on around us and subsequently fortify our protective energy shield or aura.



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