Exercise – Falling backwards


Back to the future


Inherent in modern life is an incessant drive forward into the « projected » future.. As if our liberation from pain suffering and restriction exist only in the future.  We « hear » often enough that true freedom can only be found in the here and now, and yes it’s nice to read about it… infact in order for a human being to thrive this high speed life style it’s necessary to take time out and ‘STOP‘-   But everything is in motion, this is a fundamental quality of the existence of life. Our solar system is an ever expanding vortex.

Caught as we are in the progression of linear time….. Until altered states of consciousness show us otherwise.

warning : This exercise will change your perception of life

Falling Backwards 

Simply lie down, as for Yoganidra and relax.  Beware of the weight of you body against the floor.  Be aware of the 10 major body parts – your feet, legs, hips, torso, arms, jaw, lips, gums, eyes and ears.

Allow your awareness to go inwards.

Track your breath down and up your spinal column as you breath  in and out.  Feel the subtle energy channels and centres.

On a subsequent inhalation draw the subtle breath from your perineum all the way up an over your head (brain) and into the area just behind your sinuses.

Exhale and send the subtle breath back down to the perineum creating a loop.

Circular breathing helps safeguard the integrity of our somatic architecture.

Now return your consciousness to your perineum and silently say to yourself  

« light body »

See the words, hear them, feel them.. Allow the essence of their meaning vibrate in your perineum, reverberating outwards and finding resonance with your energetic body;

Once identified and momentarily unbound from the constraints of the physical body, allow yourself to fall backwards through the back of your head.

Keep an awareness of your breath and physical body


Just keep falling , allow yourself to gather speed, faster and faster

There will come a point when you feel like you have come to a STILL point

Simultaneously you will feel a Presence

Supporting you deepest darkest inner space

This is your true nature, waiting all this time for you to return 

Welcome Home

When you feel that you have spent enough time luxuriating in your Divine Essence simply.

open your eyes

You will never be more in the Present moment than this.  With Practice you will be able to create instantaneous backward flight when ever and where ever you wish and with your eyes wide open.

Regular backward flight liberates us.  Surrendering to this backward flow not only takes us back into the source of life, but actually enhances our forward momentum in relation to the achievement of our material goals.

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