New Moon – September 2022


Sun and

Moon in Virgo

This new Moon post comes filed with the earthy energy of Virgo, and the desire of improvement of bettering and of organizing. Its conjunction with Mercury and Venus has our minds on our relationships and material practicalities; their opposition to Neptune and Jupiter both in Pisces, brings a whole lot of the water element and the desire to seek and find peace through facing uncertainty, keeping the faith and in that inner vastness and stillness honour our dreams and visions.

I write today sat at the centre, at the heart, of my home and all I hold dear, having literally cleaned every inch of it,( this is not a tradition that i will be letting go of) and I remember ૐ my last post and the analogy of taking flight .

This coincided with a return to the Uk for me, namely to accompany my daughter in her new adventure and her education overseas ૐ and to launch Sensual Reverence ૐ. To all those beautiful women that I met, please listen to Sway  and wait for my post script.

On my arrival, The Queen, who took my words quite literally, took flight and now her soul soars over us leaving a beautiful legacy of grace and diligence to her truth.  For although I am not a Royalist, she was one amazing Woman , to my dear friends mother, who also took flight, I WILL see you on the 3rd Cheeser.

So I see all this Earth as the bags of ballast that we need to cast over side, if we are to maintain our altitude and all the water as Rudra ૐ the bringer of tears, for all the realisations we will surely make as we rise ever higher.

Over the past few years, since I posted…

 When you can not got out side,

go in side

I have used these Virgo traits of developing our skills and abilities to improve my environment and to help others improve.. all the exercises and classes, stages,  and creative endeavors I have shared were to inspire others to Light’n up.

Look closely the  door at the hearth of our Home has the four Toltec written on it.


Being impeccable with my word, I will  change the planning ૐ once again, to free me from the restriction of weekly classes and to give you the maximum of my potential as a teacher.  I will fill in all the  icons with time, though I might not translate every post into French…  and I will definitely write a


So I Leave you to consider the concept of friend?  With its many conditions and expectations and how most of us go though life striving to make and maintain friendships.. But how about if we were to let go of the striving to make way for allowing the universe to show us our true brothers and those souls that are like orbs of light in our hearts, those that we only need to hold a thought of in our minds and we light’n up..

When we allow our tears to flow and let go of the friendships that were possibly toxic for us, or at least had  become a big bag of ballast and to turn our minds instead to peace, We will find others that have chosen to vibrate at the same frequency as as ourselves.

Om shanti


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