Lessons of Yôga – Planning For 2022



Light’n up

It is with Health, Happiness and Holiness that I am able to share the new programme of Yôga lessons with « Made-of-light » in Saint Pabu.


We will restart on Monday 26 September 2022.  There are 11 lessons between then and the Christmas Holidays, with one week of holiday between 31st of October to the 5th of November.
Classes will be priced at 20€ with reductions for a singular termly payment of 180€.
Please do read the post on pricing  and feel free to ask for a lower tariff if you are unemployed, receive benefit or, if for any other reason, you are unable to afford the full price.

The programme for longer weekend classes will follow shortly; these monthly classes, in correlation with the New Moon and Full Moon, are designed to deepen your practice and to experience techniques that require a different approach to the regular weekly classes. 

If you require additional information or prefer a private lesson please contact me by email gailcooney808@gmail.com , I am only happy to help.

For new students, the lessons are held in my private yôga studio and numbers are restricted to 6 persons maximum.. This makes my role as a teacher more interesting and your class far more intimate and rewarding.

With integrity and Grace

Om Shanti


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