Full Moon – September 2022


Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Leo


Every Summer as the Sun passes through he constellation of Leo expressing ourselves through creativity, playfulness and sharing who we are with others is simply the theme of the season.  In sidereal Astrology this fire continues into September as Leo is a large celestial beacon.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, emitting outer awareness and vital life force with excitement and passion.  When the fixed fires of Leo are balanced we are able to get involved and express ourselves in a self-assured, loving and generous manner. When over-emphasised there is a tendency to being self centred, arrogant, melodramatic, demanding, boastful or attention seeking.  Under-emphasised there is a tendency towards being apprehensive, self-rejecting, withholding, lackadaisical, despondent, drab and even frigid.

With the Moon in Aquarius, conjunct with Saturn the Ruler of Aquarius this September Harvest Moon will appear just before Sunset and rise in a gradually darkening sky, reaching its peak of illumination mid morning of September 10th..  Taking a brief retreat from our activities will allow our psychological receptivity to be lifted  as this combination of Fire and Air brings a lightness to our soul’s like never before.


Aquarius and Saturn bring the energy of Change through taking responsibility for our personal energy and innovative ideas.

Balanced we are progressive, inventive, humanitarian, unconventional, eccentric and envisioning.

Over-emphasised there can be a rebellious streak, a dictating radicalness which is fanatical, extreme, chaotic, outlandish or even deviant.

Under-emphasised we are undisciplined, impractical, detached, impersonal, aloof, disorganised and blatantly antisocial.

With this Full Moon there are many squares and oppositions, however it is Mars who is square to both Venus and the Moon. Mars is our motivation to pursue self preservation and attain victory and sits in the Earth sign of Taurus helping us in cultivating self reliance and the enjoyment of our inner values through working with the natural world.

Put simply It Is Time for……

The Flight of the Soul

So although we may feel lost in our thoughts and feelings. This is simply the effect produced when we let ourselves slip gently, in confidence, into another world.  Now is the ideal moment to dream and wonder, not to be clear and precise. As we must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

If you have a clear plan, let it soften and open your heart to allow life to surprise you with new possibilities. It may seem that it is only by determined action and dynamic affirmation that we can make our way through the world, but when our soul takes flight and guides us, we can gently and gracefully float through life, and though we do not know where the air currents lead, we will still feel safe.  For in truth, all waters flow naturally back to the ocean where they were always meant to return. We can strive to swim to our destination on our own, sometimes even against the current, or we can float quietly in our soul’s river of love as it offers us the privilege of getting to know the Divine.

Let yourself go with confidence and follow the natural flow of life.

This is not the time to assert your will and try to get things done, no matter how much you want to or think you should. There is a divine force at work and everything is unfolding perfectly according to a cosmic plan that has your well-being in mind as well as everyone else’s. This makes us learn to be able let go of our expectations of how this great plan will, or should, happen!  Remember  that The Divine needs neither our support nor our interference.

Now more than any other time in history it is vital to be aware of our personal energy and to consciously create our reality.  By maintaining the vibration of our personal energy  we can move beyond societal control mechanisms.

Be Beautiful on the inside and just see what happens, you might just find if you change the way you look at things, they have a tendency to change the way they look….

Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul

beauty arises when the soul is satisfied

Om shanti


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