Between the words…


WE remember we are blessed


When we seek advice, we often look for the words that might clarify, reassure and help us find our way through the chaos. But this guidance  is also found in the spaces between the words, between each letter, between all the events of our lives; when there is nothing to say, when we cannot colour between the lines, where there is only an opening to the vast field of possibilities.

It’s time to improvise!

Acting in patience, according to what is happening within us at each new moment.  Most of the time, there is much less to do than we think.

I need do Nothing

And often, we don’t even need to think!  With continued spiritual practice a space is formed around us.  When we feel it, even unconsciously, we feel elated and excited, anxious and nervous, without really knowing why. And we wouldn’t say no to a map to guide us through these unknown lands. Or perhaps we are happy to simply discover the path as we go along. Either way, we now have the space to be, and this state of being allows us to be more receptive to the divine presence .

If you have a lot of space around you, within you, and you don’t know what tomorrow is going to be like, then know that it is to allow you to receive more deeply the divine within you. This presence cannot be explained, but it is always there between the words. Without it, there would be no words, no guidance, nothing at all.

It is time to stop and receive.

You are blessed.

Om Shanti


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