New Moon – March 2022


New Moon in Aquarius

Tuesday 2nd March 2022

The New Moon rises early in the morning sky in Aquarius. This new beginning brings the energy of social change.  Progressive, inventive and humanitarian, the Air of Aquarius brings an unconventionality to our visions for the future.  Ruled by Saturn, which may be briefly glimpsed below Venus at dawn towards the end of this month,(for those in Western Europe). It is only by discipline, patience and perseverance  that we can personally and collectively evolve and as this requires a certain spiritual stamina; Hence I lance another Kriya of 40 days .

Our last Kriya  balanced the male and female parts of our psyche for a full appreciation of the recent celestial union of Venus and Mars. Which, since their conjunction can now be seen very low in the south-eastern dawn sky, until they are gradually overcome by the solar glow as the month wears on.

From this point of union, our conscious awareness can more readily be drawn inwards, this sense withdrawal is known as Pratyahara.  After mastering Asana and pranayama, Niyama and Yama we turn to the the toughest chapiter in our yoga journey, especially whilst still participating in social life – that of active detachment.

I realise that a soul who has never been against the wall is not likely to climb over it


 If a system causes suffering, re-systemise….

..are affirmations for the Saturn/base or Muladhara chakra.. Even if we except that

All change has to come from within,

are we ready to understand that we have to be that change twenty-four/seven?.  A New Moon conjunct  with Jupiter heralds a change to our world view and personal belief systems.  But to see this change we DO need to go inwards and make the choice to leave the battlefield and  to stay off it.

For it is only by choosing and maintaining internal peace that we become peaces prayer.

Happy practicing

Om Shanti



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