The Twelfth night of Christmas


A little bit of Faith

On this last day of Christmas, at the beginning of a year when our external world is being turned upside down and when new regulations and tighter restrictions from our governing bodies seek to limit freedom, I simply ask you to remember  the power of faith and inner silence .  The power of prayer lies not in asking for anything, it lies in knowing what you truly are.  A child  of the Universe  with a right to be here.

A Mudra for the liver

By Placing our hands in this position we strengthen the liver and the nervous system.  Simply sit for meditation, place the hands in the above position and breathe deeply.  Use all four parts of the breath, gradually extending the length of each phase. Try 11 minutes and you will already feel better.

The extended Jupiter and Mercury fingers act like antennae, helping us to expand and awaken to an anticipatory feeling of joy.  The Saturn finger is curled inwards, reminding us of our individual responsibility and that the knowledge of this outer planet lies within us.  The ring finger holds the meridian of the stomach and liver, when connected to the thumb, the fire of Mars and self-will, we are free to choose how we wish to feel.
It is not always easy to look at the future with calmness and curiosity, but since the future is not predictable anyway, what else is there to do?  Since healthy curiosity and the anticipation of joy strengthen the liver, awaken our vitality and trigger the production of happiness hormones, simply imagine how you want to live the future and expect a miracle – big or small – every day.

I am a child of the sun,

I am the home of light and joy and peace,

I accept the dark sides of life and enjoy

the sunny aspects of life

Give yourself the time this year to appreciate the small things in life and you might just find that finding a four leaf clover is not so much about luck, but how you direct your time whilst you are here on Earth

Om Shanti


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