New Moon – December 2021


New Moon in Scorpio

Saturday 4th December 2021 at 8:44 am


As we enter into the final lunar month of the year, the Moon, a Solar eclipse and Mercury conjoin in Scorpio.  Square to Neptune but harmoniously trine to Chiron, a great step can be made in global spiritual awakening this month, if we can simply accept what we are in truth.  This underlines the importance of qualities such as, transparency, honesty, acceptance, openness and the capacity to bond without attachment, if we are to penetrate to the depths of our life’s purpose and by consequence expose inner truth.  Ruled by Mars, currently in Libra, square to Jupiter, it is wise to understand that even once we begin to master this inner balance , we have to continually direct our actions to straighten out our will. 

By the virtue of these actions, we begin to change internally; there is a deeper sense of peace and self-assurance and no real desire that this world need satisfy in any shape or form.   This is the Presence of Chiron in Pisces.   As we accept our true self-will, without the fears of our subconscious mind coming to disturb us, or fleeting desires perturb us (Pluto and Venus are sextile Mars) we are able to dive into the depths of life’s purpose, continuously exposing truths and revealing the way forward, through the clouds of doubt to a place where we know that we are truly made of light and our Life’s purpose then starts to take on another direction.

First we have to go through a certain « sorting out », and a certain period letting go which are invariably painful, as we are conditioned to satisfy our « selves » from the outside in…  but there comes a time where we begin to realise that which we thought had value, really does not.. and this requires faith, a certain confidence that a happy outcome is assured for all.  So I share with you this beautiful Mantra… chant it out loud with devotion for three rounds, as a whisper of a cherished secret for three rounds and then silently in your mind for 6 rounds.  In your inner sanctuary allow the words to purify your attachement to all that you know and obverse your voice as you whisper once again for three rounds and then out loud with devotion for three..

Training our mind to accept this unknown Presence of life, takes discipline and above all a gentle reminder.  One of the earlier exercises in a course of Miracles is to dedicate the first five minutes of every waking  hour to accepting our unifying function.

I am the light of the world

this is my only function 

this is why I am here….

try it… how dedicated are you?

Om shanti



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