Full Moon – July 2021


Full Moon on the cusp of Sagittarius  and Capricorn

Saturday 24th July at 3:47am


Once in a blue Moon….

The second Full Moon of this month sits between purposeful Sagittarius and persistent Capricorn, reflecting the nurturing waters from the light of the Sun in Cancer.  Conjunct with Pluto and with many other planetary oppositions as aspects of challenge, this is a second wave of impulsion to reflect on how and what we are manifesting in life and to make empowering changes.

How using the expansive, optimistic fires of Sagittarius to strengthen our belief in our objectives and maintaining enthusiasm and optimism can help us to maintain patience and perseverance whilst using the somewhat restrictive earthy energy of Capricorn as we build, over time,  not only our individual, but also our collective legacy.

If Life is a garden and your thoughts are its seeds,

If your life is not awesome,

You are watering the weeds…

As a human we are creative beings and our thoughts and attitudes affect the lives of ourselves and others whether we are conscious of it or not.  With a balanced and purified psyche  we are naturally more honest with ourselves and others, we start to pose the right questions, enabling us to take a personal responsibility for every aspect of our lives and in every situation.

Our eventual human legacy and planetary legacy depends upon our collective awakening and participation in holding the higher frequencies of thought such as respect, kindness, generosity and compassion.  Allowing our inner ability to know how to act and what to and what not to say at any given moment, basically to be discerning, decisive and determined to follow through on our intuitions.

So apart from the daily time required to practice our Kriya I ask you to consider how often you use a mantra?

Do you fill your mind with idol thoughts, wishes, whims and basically anything that comes to mind or are you disciplined in using your mantra to silence your mind to raise your thoughts?

If you do not have a mantra, there are a few recordings on the site , pick your favourite, one that just makes you smile.  Do not allow you mind to think about what you are saying… it helps that a Mantra is in Sanskrit as it bypasses the educated mind.. Concentrate on how you chant, with precision to rhythm and melody.  I am not asking you to sing out loud, though if you have young children they love the vibration of the sounds an are only to happy to listen or join in… I am asking to repeat the mantra continuously in your mind, there is a whole science behind the number, rate, depth and duration which I am only happy to share  with anyone wishing to dive deeper into Kirtan and Japa…

So I wish you a happy Full Moon, enjoy a few hours of silence, take the time to take status check of how you enthuse joy and vibrance in to the collective pursuit of a world of peace an harmony..

Om Namo Naraya Naya

Om shanti 



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