Summer Solstice



Sunday June 20th at 11:32 pm


The astronomical start of summer occurs when the Sun travels along its most Northern part of the sky.  Derived from the latin Sostitium sol Sun, Stitium, still or pause, because for a brief period of time the sun path appears not to change.  With the North Pole at its maximum tilt toward the Sun the earth arrives at its lowest point in its orbit resulting in the longest day and shortest night.

After the solstice, the Sun appears to reverse its course and head back in the opposite direction.  Over the year, its path forms a sort of flattened figure eight, called an analemma. Of course, the Sun itself is not moving (unless you consider its own orbit around the Milky Way galaxy); instead, this change in position in the sky that we on Earth notice is caused by the tilt of Earth’s axis as it orbits the Sun, as well as Earth’s elliptical, rather than circular, orbit.

What a different pattern the Heavens make today!  The many blue triangles symbolise a harmonious navigation of the celestial energetic dance.  Today really is a day of celebration, the continued practice of our Kriya  uses the energy of Pluto as we abandon to transformation; Neptune as we surrender to infinity with the Mantra Sat Nam; Uranus as we liberate from a certain stasis creating inner Freedom; Saturn to take responsibility and the discipline of a daily Practice; Jupiter as we enjoy the aventure of opening and expanding; Mars the motivation to attain a deep sense of self; Venus connecting to what we truly value by purifying the Lymphatic system and its toxins that tarnish the brilliance of our psyche and hence true perception; Mercury gaining insight from our continued practice and the experiences as we communicate from a more balanced sense of self; Moon receiving psychological security and inner comfort as our breath pattern soothes the emotional currents; Sun radiating our vital life force with vitality and involvement.

Natarajasana is the dance of the cosmos.  The Sun trine to the Moon and Jupiter will aid the resourceful use of communication to reflect our skills and abilities, this self improvement can then be used to envision new possibilities or innovative ideas of a humanitarian nature.

So today may I suggest that you

try this

and see how strong your heart has become.

Om Shanti


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