Re-vitalizing the Heart Area


Power to the Heart

This kriya benefits people with any kind of tension, heart problems (physical and emotional) or who have poor circulation.  It is a preventative against depression. But it must be practiced accurately.

Sit in Sukhasana easy pose with a straight spine.  Place the fingers of the of the right hand against the mounds of the corresponding fingers of the left hand and lock the thumbs as to hold the position.  With your elbows straight, extend the arms 60° up and as far to the left as possible while keeping the upper body facing straight forward.  Close your eyes and concentrate on the breath.  Inhale powerfully through the nose and exhale powerfully through the mouth, using the naval point to press the air out. 8 Minutes.

To Finish: Hold the position, stretch the elbows, while making sure the angle of the arms is at 60°.  Inhale deeply, exhale completely and hold the air out for 20-25 seconds.


The 60° angle is extremely important.  The elbows will want to bend, the challenge is not to let them.  Be prepared, it will hurt.  It hurts in the places where the meridian points are adjusting or correcting itself.  It does not matter how strong you are the glandular system is adjusting itself, be prepared to feel weak in this posture.  You will begin to feel hot, we want to reach the point of a sweat.



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