First quarter Moon – June 2021


1/4 Moon in Virgo

Friday 18th June at 4.54 am


Before that Path is entered, thou must destroy thy Lunar body, cleanse thy mind-body and make clean thy heart.

The Voice of silence – H.P Blavatsky

The Lunar body is klesa (Klesha) the love of worldly enjoyment, it could be said to be the knowledge of good and evil.  Destroying the Lunar body can thus be understood as standing in our true integrated self and overcoming the lunar cycle and the effects of its elemental rays on our psyche and our emotional wellbeing.  If you are practicing the Kriya  sink deeper into the mantra « Sat Nam » allow your mind to be transported into infinity, focus on the breath, slow it, refine it, feel the passage of air into the lungs and the subtle movement of Prana, direct your life force into your position, keep the nervous system strong.. Lymph tissue is deep, the exercise will lengthen limbs, open the hips and more, allow the changes to manifest, but no doubt you are already appreciating the effects of a more refined psyche in your daily life. Blessings for this super charged quarter Moon.

One week into the Lunar month we find the Sun square to the Moon in the self-enhancing constellation of Virgo and trine to Saturn at home in Capricorn.  With Mercury, the planetary ruler of Virgo, retrograde in resourceful Taurus (whence the Lunar month began) and  trine to Saturn, the successful integration of all three subtleties of the earth element (cardinal, fixed and mutable) will help us to navigate the Moons opposition to Neptune and clearly perceive the spiritual nature of our existence. 

Mars in opposition to Saturn and Pluto will require the directive force of our self determined actions to structure our lives and carry out the hard work of nurturing and protecting others whilst embracing our feelings and sentiments to eliminate deep emotional attachments, evoking transformation and allowing for renewal, depth and deep change. 

But let each burning tear drop on thy heart and there remain, nor ever brush it off, until the pain that caused it is removed.

The Voice of silence – H.P Blavatsky

When planets are in opposition to each other (like the Sun and Moon during a Full Moon) this manifests disparity, division or duality in the celestial energetic expression, so our impressions are likely to be tense, imbalanced or mirrored by our daily experiences.  Looking attentively at todays chart we can see that there are 4 oppositions;

Moon in Virgo (earth) in opposition to Neptune in Pisces (water)

Venus in Gemini (air) in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius (fire)

Mars in Cancer (water) in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius (fire)

Mars in Cancer (water) in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn (earth)

When these oppositions (marked by a red line) cross over one another they create the image of double arrow heads.  As the energy of the oppositions is integrated the two triangles, created by their union at the chart centre, offer a stabilising and harmonious force. 

That its through using the moons psychological receptivity and receiving and inner awareness of how to develop our skills and abilities that we can improve ourselves and the rational aspects our relationships. That in being flexible and light-hearted  that we can improve our relationships and learn to release the deep emotional attachments that prevent us from the transformation required to enter into the stillness and faith required to dream a dream for mankind sake.

Seeing permanence in impermanence, accepting life and releasing to the vastness of all the possibilities that our life experience pertains and using loss and endings to allow for transformation, helps us to learn from others and thus  allows our hopes and dreams to be anchored in reality.  If we can integrate these forces consciously we will create a bridge within our consciousness stabilizing these forces and creating a balance between heaven and earth.


Freedom starts when you have nothing to fear, your heart is full of gold and your head is all clear

And thus we become a Sky walker


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