3/4 Moon – May 2021


Three quarter Moon in Capricorn

Monday May 3rd 2021 at 8:51pm




At the three quarter mark of the lunar month, the Sun and the Moon are always square to one another, these 90° angles can suggest a general unease or a specific challenge.  Today Uranus sits close to the Sun in Aries and conjunct to the Moon, Saturn sits in Capricorn; thus creating many additional squares.  As our natural impressions are restricted or blocked, integration requires adjustments and reconciliation. The self confident fire of Aries may come across as impatience or apprehension, but fire cleanses the earth element clearing our path by exposing our difficulties, allowing for the conscious dissolution of our problems and the appearance of a new path of light. These higher frequencies of consciousness will enable the energy of universal love circulate.  

The on going Square of Uranus and Saturn is about humanity taking responsibility; as collectively we are weaving a new grid around our planet to hold the light of golden age, that of Christ Consciousness.  But first it is necessary to liberate mankind from a certain global stasis.  To do this we need to structure our lives with a mature sense of discipline, and understand that it’s time to be of service to others. 

when we give we receive

Mercury and Venus in Taurus trine to Pluto (in sagittarius), supports cultivating a deeper sense of self-reliance based on our values and our enjoyments; when we grow we can express ourselves authentically so the light that we bring is not veiled by the mask of fear, confusion or shame. 

Jupiter (in Aquarius) trine to Mars in Gemini brings in a dose of the air element..helping us to decide what is good for us and leave the rest.  With Mercury and Venus square to Jupiter, our ability to see what is what is truly good for us and envision what is possible will continue to elude us, until consciously, through self determined action, we decided to heal ourselves and others..Mars square to Chiron in Pisces. Then we are free to weave our light.

In order to express our individuality we need to feel secure enough to profit from the aspects of our personalities that render us unique.  Our centres of interest and our way of expressing them, our enthusiasm and inspiration actually come from deep within, a kind of divine blue print.  Each instance is a chance to liberate ourselves, to learn to love ourselves no matter what happens, and to engage in our values; which permits us to instinctively attract those people and situations and to be drawn to places that help us manifest the pure radiance of our spirit.

As a child of the Universe there are so many ways to use our power in service of love, light, peace and joy.  What counts most is that our style of life corresponds to our values and not on what others think of us.  It is our own power that we give away; it is ignorance of truth that leads us to feel controlled or manipulated.

Dare to ask the question. ..What is important to me?  What do I like?  What counts?  What are my passions and What makes sense of my existence?  Take your time with this reflection or you risk to conform to the values imposed by others, if we do not understand our motivations it is impossible to fully engage in life and hence it is impossible to love and except ourselves and appreciate the beauty of our divinity.

So evaluate your priorities and act accordingly or you will be distracted and invaded by confusion and a lack of self confidence.  Without this personal investment we will just give up in the face of obstacles, whereas really we possess the ability to triumph over each problem.

By being authentic, sincere, full of enthusiasm and inspiration our hearts and minds will help us to discover the person that we truly are and the reasons for our presence here on earth.  We actually hinder the universe from influencing our destiny with our self doubt.  Have the courage to live your truth and to make decisions and choices based on your values.  

Live your life, as nobody has the right to write it for us.  Your life is a personal creation, an expression of your unique relationship with the universe. 

The more unique that it is, the more it reflects the choice of the universe..


May discernment bring me the inner peace, strength and confidence that I need to be assertive.  May discernment show me what is true and what I should do.



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