April Full Moon 2021


 Full Moon in Virgo

Tuesday 27th April at 4.33 am



 A Full Moon in Virgo encourages us to develop our skills and abilities and to consider how we can use them to influence others and our environment.  As I complete this post the nearly Full Moon shines from high in the sky with a beautiful light of Rose Gold, reflecting the light of the Sun  ,Venus, Mercury, and Uranus.  As they are all transiting confident, assertive Aries, there is clearly an abundance of fire at our disposal.  With our minds set to better ourselves, our relationships and our awareness directed towards change, we might feel a little radical, a kind of out with the old in with the new.  Here I would like to remind you of the existent value of your current projects or situation,  to consider what you might like freedom  for rather than from.  All of these celestial bodies are square to Saturn in Capricorn, reminding us of the bigger picture and that Rome was not built in a day.  

If we keep in mind the importance of a daily practice and that to develop our talents « practice makes perfect » we can responsibly channel this fiery energy as a commitment towards our desired self-improvement.  This is a brilliant exercise to do just that…… Ashtang Agni Kriya ૐ.

With regards to our Kriya to purify the psyche .  I appreciate that in order to even want to undergo a prolonged process of self-purification, or what might be called in Yoga « sattvification » of our entire being, we must paradoxically already embody certain virtues.  Or to put it more succinctly if we lack the virtue or desiring a virtuous life, we will never embark on the conscious cultivation of virtues through a process of self-transcendence and self-transformation in the first place. 

If the above exercises are a bit too physical.. Research the    Gurbani Mantra, there are beautiful versions on line.  And do not be shy to try your own variation.. send it to me, I’ll post it :-).

With the reflective light of the Moon harmoniously trine to Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius, there is a good dose of air to keep the perfect balance between heaven and Earth.  Thus helping us to realise our hopes and dreams and to anchor our visions in reality.  Accept that its time ૐ  to change.  That it does not really matter what we have done up until now, that it is not the destination but the journey.

This made me think of the Yogic concept of Dharma  and that each of Us has a specific role to play. 

Be mindful to do your Best


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