Ashtang Agni Kriya


The eight fold spiritual fire Kriya


The Breath of Fire takes its name from this exercise

Sit in Sukasana (easy pose) with your spine straight.  As you inhale bend your elbows and lift them up and out to the sides.  As you exhale powerfully bring the elbows downwards with a great force so that they « clap » against the ribcage.  The navel point pumps out the exhalation as the arms impact the ribcage and the breath becomes a real breath of fire.  We are playing the rib cage like a drum,  the elbows move in to strike the ribs hard and then lift upward to reposition, ready to strike again..Move rhythmically,

Free your soul from the prison of the ribcage.  Hit Hard !

Start with 6 minutes of practice, inhale deeply, exhale deeply and rest for 2 minutes..

Resume the Kriya for another five minutes…. 11 minutes practice time..

Gradually build the Kriya.  Slowly and steadily as you develop the Kriya it will develop the fire energy that is our God within us: pure, powerful and all-prevailing, with which we shall burn all karma.

Maximum practice time (not including rests) 15 minutes.

The main emphasis in this Kriya is to forcefully and rhythmically strike the 7th rib.  The entire creativity of humanity is based on the 7th rib.  Allow the upper body to dance from the naval point upwards, use a powerful movement in coordination with the breath.  Create a rhythmic sound by the force of your movement.  Make your ribcage into a drum and beat it.

To make a drum of your ribcage, sit with the spine stretched up straight and the chest slightly lifted.  Flare out your ribs and hold them slightly flared to create a solid surface to receive the impact of your upper arms.

The movement can be practiced moderately and rhythmically and, overtime, worked up to Breath of fire speed.

 Those without complexes live by the virtue of their soul all the time – a mental process with no division;

I am just a spirit among other spirits and I will merge back into the Great spirit from which we all came

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