Full Moon – March 2021


Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday 28th of March 2021 at 19.50 pm



The full Moon of March rises in the constellation of Virgo reflecting the light of the Sun from Pisces in conjunction with Venus and Chiron.  Thus the healing of our primary relationship to self, and by consequence the value of our relationships with regard to others, remains at the heart of our current « inner work ».   Our Kriya to balance the psyche  was chosen especially for these time.  After a full lunar cycle of practice, if you are practising diligently you will no doubt be feeling huge shifts in your inner space and acquiring many intuitions.  The Earth energy of the Maiden and her attributes of self improvement, being the balancing force of the spiritual energies of Pisces, can help us anchor our new insights.. 

I am one Self, united with my creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and peace. 


At this part of A course in Miracles, the first five minutes of every waking hour are given to practising this idea –

I am oneself united with my creator.

A Course in Miracles – Lesson 95

Being dedicated and mentally disciplined aids our learning as the mind is apt to wander and this is a hinderance to remembering our ultimate Truth…  I am the light of the World.

Glancing at the above chart it is easy to see the grand Trine of the Moon, Saturn and Capricorn all in Earth signs and the kite formation to the Sun.  These harmonies aspects aid integration.   As integration will take place whether we are conscious or not, our conscious awareness will make life lighter, brighter and more enjoyable for everyone involved and as individuals we feel more in control of our destinies.. As Life will then bring us experiences to test the integration of our intuitions!  So what is Integration?


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