Spring Equinox


March 1/4 Moon

Sunday 21st March 2021 at 4.41 pm



Happy Equinox

– Listen to our voices chanting our love of life together as one..

With the Moon in Gemini, spring is literally in the air (element)  and as with each first quarter,  the Moon is square to the Sun… With the Sun in Pisces (still in conjunction with Venus) our greatest endeavour is to connect and to stay connected to our highest version of self.. That of the I (eye)  and not the ME .… The combination of water and air is always favourable to our spiritual development, like sparkling water, ideas and intuitions bubble up from our deep subconscious.  Mercury,  the planetary ruler of Gemini, currently transiting unconventional Aquarius, forms a beneficial trine to the Moon allowing a natural receptivity and a desire to communicate these new ideas and intuitions in a humanitarian way.

Mercurys square to Mars in Taurus suggests following through on our intuitions and integrating our new ways of thinking into our daily life, especially when they are new to our consciousness, requires a slow, steady, resourceful approach.  The trine of Mars to Saturn in Capricorn brings a healthy dose of the Earth element and reminds us of the power of decision and the power behind a daily practice.  

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.


As these posts are linked to our current Kriya of purifying the psyche , those of you that practice may have found that the position itself is an initial challenge… the foot under the buttocks is under the weight of your condition and fixed physical form; extending the leg and pointing the toes can induce cramp form the toxins that prevent the muscle fibres from moving freely; the arm held up high will reveal the deep tension/resistance to flow and the weight of « life » that is carried in the shoulders; and the knees, in both positions, simply complain from the years of wearing shoes.. known in many countries as the blindfolds of the soul (sole)…

Practicing this Kriya will challenge and change you.  One of todays greatest diseases is our desire to define ourselves, our likes our dislikes, our peculiarities that separate us – anyone that says « you do not know ME » or « you do not understand ME » or « what do you want from ME? » or « let ME tell you something » is coming from a place of separation.  

And Their relationship is on of opposition, just as separate aspects of the SON meet only to conflict, but not to join.. One becomes weak, the other strong by defeat.  And fear of God and of each other now appears as sensible, made real by what the son of God has done both to himself and his creator..

A Course in Miracles

As the Kriya gradually balances our psyche and the polarising forces of negativity and positivity we Integrate  and come back to oneness.  As we breathe  consciously though one nostril and then the other we become more and more conscious of the Pranic forces that make up our body and become more open to higher states of consciousness.  The body is not an arbitrary lump of skin and bone that carries out our egos desires as we go through life… it is a physical manifestation of our consciousness, a temple to be prayed in and a charriot to carry us home to oneness. Allowing us to be leaders and pillars of strength within the collective and not apart from it.  That is to be an « Influencer » rather than to be influenced by the consciousness of the mass.  


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