Half way there…..


February 1st 2021


Today we are half way through our Kriya and one twelfth of the way through the year.  As February begins the energy of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction or “Kiss” is still highly charged.  We can work on our Jupiter energy at any time, but certain times of the year are more auspicious.. right now the Sun’s rays are acting as a spot light, widening our vision, to see our full potential and they are shining with optimism and opportunity.  The only prerequisite to vision is to eliminate ALL of the bodies poisons, purifying ourselves of ALL  physical, emotional and intellectual bagage – try this meditation … to be open, honest, relaxed and caring.. 

The Christ Mudra of our Kriya  will take us deeper and deeper into a place of understanding that the responsibility for ALL our difficulties lies within ourselves.  The key to remembering this rests in our daily practice, our microscopic vigilance and the acceptance to stop blaming others for our suffering.  This maybe hard to understand, habitually we tend to function automatically and fragmentally, and the drama of life is played out on both a collective and individual level.  But once accepted we gain an inner power, our true self, our creative self. This  is a lovely Kriya to work on our creative capacity (now with photos).

This spiritual healing indicated by the Moon in opposition to Chiron in Pisces can be achieved if we use our will power …remember the significance of the red squares.  With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and venus all positioned in earth signs, there is a strong material sense of Presence ૐ and the blue triangles showing Saturn, Venus and Pluto Trine to the Moon in virgo.. give us a certain audaciousness to be reborn.

I am one Self, united with My Creator

A Course in Miracles – Lesson  95


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