Thonkaree Praanayam


Short and Sweet

A short and simple exercise which is very good for the circulation blood to the head.  It makes the mind very smart.

fullsizeoutput_2363Sit in Sukhasana with a straight spine, chin in, chest out. Bend your left elbow and keep it touching the ribs, bring the left hand up in line with the shoulder with the palm facing forward, then simply bend the left hand at the wrist so that the palm faces upwards and the fingers point backwards over the shoulder.. as if you were carrying a tray, this may hurt as it stretches the wrist and heart meridian along the outside little finger.
The right palm is flat, facing upward and the fingers point forward.  The right elbow is bent so that the arm extends forward in a » v » shape.  The upper arm is at a 60° angle from elbow to wrist.  Close your eyes.  Purse the lips and push them out.  Begin to breath rapidly through the mouth.. inhaling and exhaling with force. (3 breaths per second).

4 and 1/2 minutes

Puff the cheeks out like you are playing the tube, but do not whistle. The inhalation and exhalation are one continuous breath off equal lengths with out any pauses in between.  All facial muscles and sinuses (ear, nose and throat) will get exercised and tired.  Done well it can relieve the entire body of fatigue.

fullsizeoutput_2361Inhale and stretch the arms up over the head, separate your fingers keeping them wide and stiff, exhale. Hold the position and start to breath through the mouth as in the previous exercise. 1 and 1/2 minutes.



fullsizeoutput_2365Release the hand and place them on the top of the head.  Meditate – with the breath calm, long, slow and deep.  Totally relax the spine.  Visualise your spine alight like the flame of a candle.  Let go of your body and look down from yourself from above.  Take a little nap and totally disconnect from the body consciousness. 3 Minutes.


To Finish: fullsizeoutput_2365Inhale and hold the breath for 15 seconds., stretch your spine up while at the same time putting heavy pressure on your head with your hands.  Tighten the whole body. Exhale. Repeat twice more.


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