The Phoenix rising


Jupiter conjunct Pluto

April 4th 2020




During this month Jupiter can be seen rising in the predawn sky..  Yesterday, today and tomorrow this planet sits, though many miles apart, in the same part of our sky as Pluto.   This conjunction occurs in the constellation of Sagittarius,  the ruler of Jupiter.

Jupiter can be considered to be the conductor of our lives and is the largest of the personal planets, giving us an expansive world view and a vision of what is possible.  At home in Sagittarius its influence gives a strength of purpose to our inner fire, expanding our body, mind and spirit.  This adventurous energy can help us to explore our life purpose.  The three words that come to mind are…

Open, Optimistic and Opportunistic

Pluto is the astral body of  transformation helping with the elimination and clearing of deep emotional attachments; it brings profound change and unveils truth.  Often associated with loss and endings it is also instigator of new beginnings.

There are many beautiful aspects to todays chart.  The trines between the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mars, and Venus and Saturn bring Harmony.  Though Mars joins Saturn in the square up to Uranus.

At a time of planetary crisis (Saturn Square to Uranus) have faith that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.. Mars is the planet of determined action of self preservation.  Its time to be like the Phoenix… be prepared to let go of every belief and enter into Knowledge.. Let go of your body, your mind, all of your self limiting ideas and expand..

Its time for us to take responsibility of ourselves and Transcend


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