Stimulation and Adjustment of…


Body systems and Mental clarity

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart.  Bring the arms up infront of the body at 60°.  Hold the thumbs inside the fingers to make a fist.  Begin a backward circular motion with both arms.  1 full rotation = 1 second.

Squatting down continue the moments.  You will really have to stretch the arms to stay balanced.  Set up a 4:4:4:4 rhythm.

  • moving downwards 4 rotations
  • Squatting 4 rotations
  • standing back up 4 rotations
  • remaining standing 4 rotations

Keep the arms straight 3-5 Mins



Spiral the arms backwards bringing the left knee up as the left arm comes up and bringing the right knee up as the right arm comes up.

1 full rotation 1 second

3 minutes



  • Stand with the feet hip width apart, arms out to the sides and parallel to the floor, palms faced downwards.
  • Jump and spread the feet as far as possible bringing the arms straight above the head until the back of the hands touch.
  • Jump back into the original position.
  • Jump and bring the feet together with the arms down by your sides.
  • Jump back into the starting position.
  • Pace 5-6 seconds per cycle.

1-3 minutes



Place the left hand under the right arm pit with the right arm down by the right side.  Swing the left leg back and up as high as possible.

Pace 1 second per leg kick. 30 seconds.  Switch sides   30 seconds.


Relax 10 Minutes


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