Meditation on your own Prana


 Stay young, happy and optimistic

Please Follow very carefully

every tiny detail matters a lot

By regular correct practice you can live up to any age retaining  youthfulness, becoming highly intelligent and even developing your intuition to predict universal phenomena.


Sit in Sukhasana (easy pose), or any meditative posture which you can hold peacefully.  Look anywhere you like, inside or out.  For this meditation we are using the energy of Jupiter which is very subtle.

Mudra:  Extend the Jupiter finger of both hands (index) perfectly straight.  Curl the other three fingers into a fist and lock them into position with the thumbs.  There are three segments to the Jupiter finger – place the middle segment of the right finger upon the middle segment of the left finger.  Place this Mudra at the level of the diaphragm with the right hand on top, palm facing downwards, with the left hand underneath palm facing upwards.  The Jupiter fingers are parallel to the floor.

Breath:  Slowly inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.  Direct the stream of exhaled air so that it touches the tips of the Jupiter (index) fingers.  The exhalation is strong but do not whistle.  Concentrate on the tips of the fingers, which will become colder and colder as you feel better and better.

11 Minutes


fullsizeoutput_231eTo Finish:  Lock the hands and stretch them over the head whilst Inhaling and hold the breath for 10 seconds.  Exhale and keep stretching, hold the breath out for 10 seconds.  Inhale and hold the breath for 10 seconds, keep stretching to your maximum.  Exhale.



You might cough, sneeze or yawn, your spine might itch or ache, but do not relax your awareness.  Remember nothing is more beautiful or powerful than your breath..

Be grateful and gradually increase your breathing capacity, it is like fertiliser for the brain.

Build up your practice slowly, 3 mins, 5 mins, 7 mins, 9 mins to a total of 11minutes.


  • Never exceed 11 Minutes
  • Inhale slowly.  When exhaling DO NOT whistle
  • Exhale totally with each Breath, you must feel the breath at the finger tips
  • The rhythm is long and slow

The benefits a of regular and correct practice of this meditation will bring mental and physical youthfulness.  You will acquire a constant flow of energy, so that you no longer get tired.  It will prevent depression and disease  and develop your higher consciousness.

Remember that the mental improvements will not manifest until you are physically strong enough.


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