Calling All Mothers


April 1st 2020

Waxing Moon


Today is my boys 16th Birthday..

The reason that I left the UK and decided to live in France…..

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Its been an adventure and I would like to thank every one of you that has helped me to honour my choice as a Yogique Maman and keep my children Happy Healthy and in Harmony with their true essence.  They decided to goto school in September after fifteen years of « free schooling »… 6 months into their formal education we find ourselves in this « weird chapter » of life.  Here in France we are virtually under house arrest.  This is considered to be for our best interest… I am not here to judge, to criticise or even to pass comment.. simply to offer those of you that now find yourselves at home with your own children a bit of support..

With the Moon in gemini and its ruler Mercury in Aquarius we are being helped to lift the veil of illusion to take a bit of distance from what we consider to be the real world and develop a confidence in our intuition.  Gemini is about learning and communicating with others and Aquarius is about changing the world through innovative ideas.. this includes social change.. therefore during this time I will create a private page for each of you and …

Classes will continue via zoom.. the next class is 9.30 pm Thursday 2 April.. just send me an email for the details…

I will also start to write about what it means to parent consciously with love, freedom and confidence.

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