Opening to love


Internal Chakra Dharana

  • Print out the above picture
  • Sit in a comfortable meditative posture or on a chair, with a lamp available to illuminate the Tattwa yantra.  This exercise is best carried out in relative darkness.
  • place the picture before you at a comfortable height level with the eyes.  For best results pin it on a white wall.
  • Fix your gaze on the black Bindu, or spot, in the center.  Continue gazing for a few minutes until an aura of light starts to appear around the edges of the flower.
  • when this aura of light is seen as stable, switch off the light and close your eyes (simultaneously).  Continue to gaze at the Point between your eyes behind your closed eyelids and observe the image that manifests.  Keep your attention focused on the after image for as long as possible.
  • when the after image has faded, move your attention to the crown of your head and visualise the Tattwa symbol there.
  • for the final step visualise this two dimensional as a three dimensional rose above your head.  Your unconscious mind will determine the size and this image is uniquely yours.  Continue concentrating for at least 10 minutes.
  • Be patient with any fluctuations and simply recreate the image each time that it disappears, fades, distorts or changes.  Throughout the entire exercise you are silently repeating the mantra  « I am Love »..
  • the principle with Internal chakra dharana is that we start performing a fixed gaze Track on the complementary colour Tattwa Yantra in order to bring fatigue to specific colour cone receptors at the back of the eyeballs.  Thus when the eyes are then closed, an inner experience of the correct colour will be perceived.


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