All we need is Love


Love Evolve Revolve



 Happiness is an attribute of love and cannot be apart from it, nor can it be experienced where love is not

 A course in Miracles.  

This may seem like an extreme statement but the course continues « Love has no limits, being everywhere. And therefore joy is everywhere as well ».  Yet our minds can deny this believing that there are degrees of love, different types of Love and situations where Love is to be limited to one person, denied or even withdrawn once given.

God, being Love is also happiness

A Course in Miracles

The Ultimate experience of permanent joy is only alluded by our own choice. In the initial stages of Yoga the mind is best trained by giving it something concrete to concentrate on.  This is the purpose of the elaborate symbology of the chakra Yantra.  Each chakra has a specific number of petals, each petal has embedded with a letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, an animal, a god and goddess, a geometric form, a colour, and a Bija or seed sound.

We can all agree that anything we repeat over and over again has a lasting influence on us.  Thus a thought repeated over and over again will have a great affect on our personality, positively or negatively.  This is the « science » behind neuro linguistical programming and subliminal advertising.. Like a boat that makes waves in the water they keep spreading, further and further in all directions. Thus to try and make the mind blank is an unhealthy preparation for meditation.  There is just too much movement.  Through the constant replacement of disturbing thought waves by ones of control, the mind is transformed and gains mastery of itself ….

Vyutthana-nirodha-samskarayor abhibhava-pradurbhavau nirodha-ksanacittanvayo nirodha-parinamah

chapter 3, verse 9 of Patanjali’s sutras.


All around the world today people are celebrating Love…… So I offer you this flower and a meditative experience….


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