September New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Virgo

Saturday 28th September – 18.26 BST


House placement 

The September New Moon will rise (though not visibly) in the constellation of Virgo.  Thus bringing into play the more practical and pragmatic Earth qualities after an Autumn Equinox in the more spiritually orientated water sign of Pisces.  Directly opposite the Moon Chiron sits in Pisces.  This is a very promising opposition, indicating the deep healing that can arise when discipline and dedication are applied to improve ourselves and our immediate environment and subsequently the lives of others.  Earth and water are the two elements required  to model and manifest in the material world.

With Mercury, symbolic of our minds and the ruler of Virgo, sitting nearby the Moon we are  being « fed »  the practical details required to design and create.  With Mars and Venus also in Virgo the emphasis is placed on bettering, improving, organising and enhancing the material side of life.

Our material world including our physical body are fashioned by our « thoughts ».. this maybe be conscious or subconscious.  The impact of our participation in the creation of our visible world depends on the quantity and quality of light we bring through our creative endeavours.

The New Moon is a wonderful time to put into practise a forty day Kriya, whether that be a meditation or an exercise or simply a daily ritual.  Remember Yoga is a practical psychology, with dedication and sustained practice we will reap the rewards of our practice.  Our heightened awareness and unearthed talents are then at our disposal and to be of service for others.

When I am healed I am not healed alone

A course in Miracles


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