The physical body


Our physical body which is our vehicle whilst on Earth, has a voice.  If we pay attention and listen carefully we can interpret the messages being transmitted to our consciousness.  If a part of our body is blocked or out of equilibrium, the signs of dis-ease are there for us to read.  It is wise to be full of love and tenderness for our physical form, to respect and nourish our bodies and to live to a rhythm which suits us and which is in harmony with the movement of the heavenly bodies.

The next time a negative reflection or thought enters your mind with regards to your physical body, STOP, and transform it into a loving one..

e.g… Even though I think I have a head ache… I totally love and accept myself.  Thank you for bringing my attention to my need to…. drink more water, get off the computer, stop over analysing  etc

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Allow your attention to direct your breath deeply into the space within.  Relax into the experience and see how you are quite capable of directing the light of your consciousness to heal your self.

Our negative, thoughts, emotions and attitudes are the roots of many illnesses;  positive thoughts and actions can heal.  When our beliefs and attitudes change, our physical body responds and our life force expands.


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