Releasing internal blockages


Clearing the subconscious mind


Sit comfortably for meditation.  Place the right hand in a fist and extend the thumb.  Enclose the right fist with the left hand and extend the thumb also.  Stretch the arms far away from the body, parallel to the floor.  It is important (though sometimes quite a challenge) to keep the arms raised. With the arms in position, fix your vision on the little ‘V’ created by your thumbs. Keep the eyes fixed.. this can also be a challenge, but will ease as the forty days pass!

The focused eyes and the stretched out arms create a pressure within the nervous system.. with a breath ratio of  I:1:3, the perfect conditions to obtain

Puraka – Inhaling for 5 seconds

Reckaka – Exhaling for five seconds

Shunyaka – the continuous retention of breath for 15 seconds

a greater  awareness of our internal state are created!  It can take some time to master this rhythm.  But its the rhythm that will gradually allow the experience to be filled with a sensation of inner space and contentment.  The retention with out air can be increased  gradually if the 15 seconds seems too demanding.  However a little effort goes a long way.  The arms may complain, a lot…. I just try to inspire you to give it a try.

3 minutes everyday for 40 days.  I once did this same exercise with my brother (a kriya buddy is of great help) we met everyday over WhatsApp, not always at the same time, but here I will add that there are many benefits to be gained form keeping a fixed time for your practice.  At the end of the Forty days we both felt an enormous sensation of calm and confidence..

Have fun

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